Our Services


Online Study Support:
Through our partners we offer a range of high quality online qualifications, accredited to the highest British standards. These qualifications are an excellent pathway to studying at UK universities and act as a convenient and affordable alternative to immediately studying in the UK.

Qualifications and Skills Assessment:
Our team will analyse your qualifications and assess your academic ambition and then collaborate with you to form a plan of action to obtain the education you desire. At this stage we will also assess other key skills such as English language proficiency to help advise the best route forward.

University Application Support:
We will help you make the best possible decision about which university to attend tailored to your skills and goals. We will support you in writing up a quality personal statement that meets British academic standards. We will create a profile for you and submit the application with/for you, making sure you meet any deadlines and other requirements in adequate time. .

Student Visa Support:
We will inform you on the documents required for the Student Visa. We submit your documents to the Home Office for you, while walking you through all the remaining necessary steps and helping you prepare for your interview.

Scholarship Guidance:
We will assess your eligibility for a range of scholarships and do our utmost to secure the one which is of most benefit to you. We can act as an intermediary to various scholarship organisations on your behalf to give you key information and guidance.

Accommodation and Travel:
We will find the best accommodation for your needs and circumstances and can help you make applications. We will provide you the necessary information to make an informed decision on your accommodation. We will make sure you have the most convenient route of travel to your destination city and for the best price according to your own preferences.

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